Solano was founded in 2012 by Mr. Amnon Vardi, a chemical engineer and graduate of the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. He enjoys a reputation in many industrial areas and is an expert in the development of innovative pesticides in Israel and throughout the world.

Since its establishment, the Company has focused on developing and manufacturing innovative parasite pesticide solutions for pets. The Company manufactures a variety of solutions with the most advanced and high-quality ingredients, providing preventive solutions as well as effective and safe parasite treatment solutions.

The Company has partnered with leading veterinarians in Israel and abroad and continues to enhance its research knowledge in parasite pesticide in pets in order to provide a wide range of solutions to customers and professionals.
In the manufacturing process the Company uses the most advanced ingredients on the market, considered to be high quality and safe for pets, and no less important for their caring family.

Solano is committed to maintain values of innovation, product effectiveness and quality while striving to meet the needs of its customers, employees and partners alike. Alongside its business activities, Solano is very active in contributing to the community.

Advanced Technology
Solano has developed an innovative technology for the slow release of pesticides from plastic material from which waterproof pest control collars for dogs can be manufactured.
In contrast to solutions currently found on the market, the Solano pest control collar – Soltick – comes with an advanced slow release mechanism. In addition to the pesticide, the collar releases perfumed aromatic oils that neutralize bad odors.


Revolutionary Flea & Tick Control

Solano's Fleas & Tick control product line is the most effective, innovative and safe for your pet, your family and the environment.