Katie, kishorit kennel, a therapeutic village for people with special needs

About two months ago we encountered a severe problem of fleas and ticks in the dog kennel.
We tried many treatments with varied and known pesticides – unsuccessfully. We asked the Solano team to come and try to help us deal with the problem. The people from Solano undertook the challenge and were happy to help us. Within a few days the Company’s veterinarian came to the “Kishurit” kennel and administered thorough and caring treatment to all the dogs with a combined tick and flea pesticide called Soltif.
The day after the treatment all the dogs were examined ‫meticulously. No fleas or ticks were found! The fact that the dogs were completely free of ticks and fleas was amazing.‬‬

We would like to thank you for your help, for your congeniality and friendliness, and most of all –many thanks for relieving our dogs from parasites and caring for their health.
I hope to continue our cooperation with Solano and it will always be a pleasure to meet you again. ‬


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