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100% efficacy – the most effective spot on against ticks and fleas

Spot on based on Dinotefuran and Flumethrin Kills and repels ticks, fleas and sand flies

Fast Acting

Eliminates through contact. Parasite don't have to bite to die.

Long Lasting

Protect your dog up to 1 month.


3rd generation active ingredient. Minimum chemicals.

Puppies  1.5 – 7 kg
Small 7 – 15 kg
Medium  15 – 25 kg
‏Large over 25 kg

Use Instructions:
Application is recommended in the evening. Allowed for puppies from two months of age. Do not wet the dog for 72 hours after treatment. Prohibited for use on cats.

Tip: Allowed for puppies from 2 months old

Tip: Apply in 3 spots between the dog’s shoulder

Revolutionary Flea & Tick Control

Solano's Fleas & Tick control product line is the most effective, innovative and safe for your pet, your family and the environment.