Soltick Tick Collar

100% Waterproof

6 months protection


The new generation of tick collar based on Amitraz

Kills and repels ticks for a period of 6 months.


Efficiency is not reduced if in contact with water.


Attractive design in various colors.

Secure closure design.

Perfumed - Natural Aromatic Oils

Naturalized bad odors and give your dog pleasant blossom.

The collar is offered in a variety of novel colors:

3 colors: blue, pink, white


Small up to 8 kg
Medium 8 – 20 kg
‏Large more than 20 kg

Use instructions:
Prohibited for use on cats. Can be used in a house with cats.



Tip: Allowed for puppies from 2 months old

Tip: Naturalized bad odor

Revolutionary Flea & Tick Control

Solano's Fleas & Tick control product line is the most effective, innovative and safe for your pet, your family and the environment.