Janice, Gilboa Kennels

We would like to thank you for the tick and flea treatment you administered at the Gilboa Dog Kennel.
As you know, our area suffers from a severe tick and flea problem that impairs the dogs’ quality of life and spreads disease. For this reason the effectiveness of your treatment is so important.

Several weeks ago we heard that you administer pesticide treatment in not for profit dog kennels. Within a short period of time you came to the kennel accompanied by the Company veterinarian, Dr. Fabian, who demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and commitment. This was the first time I was acquainted with the Company and with your product, Soltif.
The next day all the dogs were already clean of parasites. The effectiveness of the pesticide exceeded our expectations. The experience of working with you, both professionally and personally, was enjoyable not only for the dogs but for the kennel team. We could see that you were fully committed to the task which was not easy whatsoever. With the utmost patience and care you provided every dog personal, warm and loving treatment, and with the same patience shared you extensive knowledge with us.

As someone who loves animals and manages a dog kennel, I feel confident knowing that there is a product that does such is so effective and contributes to the dogs’ health. Using Soltif also enables us to give the dogs up for adoption in a much healthier condition.
Thank you so much, in the hope of continuing our cooperation!

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