Arkady, a dog trainer for the police and the army

Following your warm visit last month to the “Manof” dog kennel we would like to say thank you.
The “Manof” dog kennel specializes in training attack dogs for the Israel Police and the security forces.
Over the years our dogs were treated for a wide variety of pesticides, but to no avail. The results in the field showed that the parasites developed resistance to the products on the market, and anyone who has ever visited a dog kennel can only imagine the problem we faced – on the verge of despair.
Rumors spread throughout dog kennels that Solano frequently administers pesticide treatment in animals as part of its contribution to the community. Indeed, we were happy to learn that you undertook the project and did so professionally and diligently. The presence of the Company’s veterinarian and the personal treatment received by each of the “four-legged patients” indeed proved that you are dedicated, have a mission and are personally involved.
Thus we were acquainted for the first time with Soltif, a combined pesticide for exterminating ticks and fleas, and within a short period of time we also witnessed he amazing results. The entire dog kennel was ‘clean’ within 24 hours after your visit, and the dogs, that were checked daily, were found to be free of parasites and in excellent health. We thank you for the effectiveness of the pesticide and for the personal relationship that developed with your Company. We will be glad to remain in touch and to recommend your products.

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