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What customers say about us

We would like to thank you for the tick and flea treatment you administered at the Gilboa Dog Kennel.
As you know, our area suffers from a severe tick and flea problem that impairs the dogs’ quality of life and spreads disease. For this reason the effectiveness of your treatment is so important.

Janice, Gilboa Dog Kennel

The dogs that were treated with a Soltif spot on and a Soltick collar were found to be free of fleas and ticks after one week, and since then, throughout the 6-month test period, were completely fee of ticks and fleas, as was the area in which they operate (tables describing the test process are attached).

Zvi Nedulani, in charge of work dogs at the Israel Military Industries

Solano invests extensive resources in R&D of pesticide products that are effective over time and safe for the treatment of external parasites in pets. Solano’s team of researchers and veterinarians works in close cooperation with various professional entities in Israel and abroad in the aim of improving and innovating pesticides for the benefit of its customers.

Dr. Rafi Kishon, Veterenarian